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Celebrating the World Cup with Matchday Stickers Photo Editing App

13 Jun 2018Daniel Kaempf

Darwin Digital teamed up with partners Ludus Digital to build a photo editing mobile App, Matchday Stickers. The app lets football (soccer) fans get behind their national teams by 'footballizing' their photos and videos and share them on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat…), the Web or by email. The App is available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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Virtual Reality (VR) hitting big in Madrid

18 May 2018Natasa Lucic

Our Digital Art Director, Natasa Lucic, recently visited Madrid. While in the Spanish capital, she came across a virtual reality (VR) instalment at the Spanish phone provider Telephonica. This is her short diary of how residents of Madrid are enjoying VR in exhibitions and a major sporting event.

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SEO for Mobile Websites

08 May 2018Daniel Kaempf

SEO strategy and implementation must be adapted for mobile website use. For your products and services to be found through online search, you will need to understand the behaviour of your mobile target audience.

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Money, money, money not so funny in Stockholm

27 Apr 2018Danijel Farkas

Our Digital Project Manager Danijel Farkas spent a weekend in Stockholm, and this is his thoughts about the city and country will is so deep into the digital transformation that will entirely give up cash in two years.

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7 UX Design Tips for Mobile-First Websites

18 Apr 2018Daniel Kaempf

User-experience (UX) design for mobile websites is a holistic discipline that it encompasses strategy, design and content, and more aligned with industrial design than graphic design or art. At the heart of UX design is the client/user and it is them who will determine the ultimate success of your mobile website. Here are 7 essential UX design tips for your next mobile-first website project:

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Three examples of FMCG digital campaigns that worked

15 Mar 2018Danijel Farkas

The FMCG industry is the most significant player in digital marketing. Interestingly, its adaptation to this environment is still ongoing. The examples we’ve chosen are an excellent indicator of how smart investment and creative solutions can be extremely successful.

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