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Back-End Application Development

Darwin Digital are masters of backend application development. The front end of the application accounts for about ten percent of what you see when using your app. The other ninety percent is the backend, so you can imagine how unbelievably important it is to get everything right. We’re comfortable with building both cloud-based apps and those deployed in internal networks, as well as software engineering and development, along with deployment.

What we do

Darwin Digital works collaboratively with our clients to flawlessly develop backend applications and software. Building perfectly from the ground up, brick by coded brick, at the backend ensures perfection from the beginning toe completion of your project. Our developers specialise in using the most prominent platforms including Python, PHP and Java. Our diverse team of engineers and developers from leading European universities are experts in using the most well-known frameworks, ensuring your application or software is strong from the ground up.

Why us

Our multidisciplinary team includes highly experienced digital architects and senior developers will work closely with you throughout the build process, to ensure everything is to your specifications from top to bottom. Working out of Lausanne, our team are constantly augmenting and increasing their knowledge and skill sets, gaining new insights into the development process of the best user experience.

RESTful API Development

Darwin Digital are specialists in developing Restful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in both self-hosted and cloud-based digital environments. This is a powerful tool in application development. Our highly talented team are specialists in building APIs, with the singular goal of delivering a flawless user experience.

Java Application Development

Darwin Digital consists of a highly skilled team of developers with extensive experience in developing Java-based applications. Java is an extremely popular programming language, with an incredible balance of usability, performance and stability, culminating in the best possible user experience.

PHP+Symfony Application Development

The Symfony PHP framework allows faster and more stable application development. Darwin Digital have a dedicated team of developers, creating innovative applications that ensure robust, feature-rich solution on this open-source framework. We build custom applications with specific functionalities to meet you and your customers’ needs.

Python, Django and Flask Application Development

Darwin Digital’s team of highly skilled expert web developers are all highly adept with the secrets of the Python programming language, as well as the popular and highly stable open source frameworks, Django and Flask. We love to build custom applications that fit the needs of your business and your customers: building on these frameworks ensures a stable and fast running app for you.

Case Studies


We would love to hear about your digital web projects and explore how we can work together. Providing valuable support to businesses is what drives us. We make sure our digital services match your business goals, the scope of your projects, and are tailored to your particular needs.

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