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Swiss-Inspired Web and Digital Design

All our web and digital products are inspired by Swiss graphic and product design. Each digital website, portal interface or mobile app privileges minimalist, elegant lines to accentuate simplicity and functionality, to create an outstanding user experience. Our website designers work hard to create memorable a presentation of your company, mobile application or website. We are a digital agency who will make sure your digital presence leaves a lasting impression and puts the user at the centre.

What we do

Darwin Digital is headquartered in Lausanne, and our design approach reflects our Swiss roots. We take a holistic web and digital design approach that adheres to the core concepts of Swiss design, accentuating simplicity, usability and functionality. In the constantly evolving digital landscape, good web design is only a fraction of the whole: the user’s experience must be considered and augmented.

Why us

Our universal approach considers core design assets, to create something unique for your business. Darwin Digital adapts your website to the changing digital landscape, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve. Our award-winning designers understand the human factor of design: the emotion a design evokes is paramount. Because of the ever-fluctuating dependencies and constraints of devices and platforms, the technical aspect of web design must be heavily considered when creating a website that emphasises function over form.

Digital Branding and Logo Design

Darwin digital understands that first impressions count on the web, this is why your logo and brand need to reflect your target audience’s desires and values. Our design team are passionate about creating custom digital branding and logo design that will make your services or products stand out and tell their story on all digital channels.

In the overflowing digital landscape, your branding must reflect your audience’s desires.

User Experience (UX) Design

A huge part of UX is the interactive design that your user will follow through your website. Our UX specialists are experts in considering user research and the scenarios they’re likely to face on your website, ensuring their experience is as streamlined and enjoyable as possible. Eighty percent of users that encounter a bad user experience on your website or app will not return so UX design can never be by-passed.


User Interface (UI) Design

Maximising user interface (UI) is about understanding human behaviour, and how they spend their time online. Excellent design is only one component of the holistic, user-driven solutions we produce. At Darwin Digital, we put ourselves in the shoes of the user, and work backwards to ensure the interface is as convenient to use for them as it is for us. Excellent UI is paramount to your customers getting the best experience with your website or app and coming back for more.

Mobile-First Web Design

Darwin Digital provides mobile-first web design. We will design a website that is elegant, simple, and easy for your customers to use across all mobile devices. If your target audience is interacting with your web page primarily via mobile, this necessitates your design and development to be mobile-centric. We believe in providing a bespoke service that represents your business and your customers.

Case Studies

CT GALLERY – Optimised And Responsive Web Design

CT Gallery Banner


We would love to hear about your digital web projects and explore how we can work together. Providing valuable support to businesses is what drives us. We make sure our digital services match your business goals, the scope of your projects, and are tailored to your particular needs.

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